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-John Buckland-

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H4H began Sept 4th of 2012 shortly after John’s career as a firefighter & his return home from Iraq as a Dept of Defense Firefighter from 2009-2011. As an overcomer of terrible child abuse, bullying, and self destructive choices, John (Batman) brings a message of HOPE & empowerment which is fine tuned for all ages. Youth, young adults and families in thousands of community events & schools have been impacted by WV Batman’s 4 Steps To Greatness & Overcoming message. In schools, each grade level receives an age appropriate message to impact them as they grow up. Middle & High School students receive a “mask off” full reveal assembly from John Buckland which covers his experiences with the troubles in his life and what he had to do to overcome them. WV Batman’s mission is now international with a recent trips in 2022 & 2023 to Poland & into Ukraine for the Ukranian youth impacted by the Russian invasion. The H4H mission has been covered by The Today Show, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America and countless other media outlets worldwide. Please take time to watch the video links at the buttons on the top of this page & read the feedback, to get a full understanding of the impact you can expect at your school or event.

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HEROES 4 HIGHER Empowering Youth To Overcome


High School Parent My son is in the 10th grade at St Joe and trust when I say we have a hard life and he has seen a lot if things I tried very hard to shelter him from. It is only by the grace of God that he goes there. I seen you leave the school and when he got into the car I didn't even have to ask him he was beaming. He said Mommy most of these kids don't know where we come from but the looks on their faces when he told us of his life was remarkable, I think some of them understood how lucky they were to have the life they do. He has much respect for you and the man you have become. Made me smile when he told me he loved me and appreciated all I have done to give him a life I never had. THANK YOU!!
High School Parent
I would like to say Finding someone who can reach out and connect with middle school students can sometimes be a challenging task; however, Huntington Middle School found someone who could do just that when Batman spoke to the staff and student body. His talk was POWERFUL and in some cases life￾changing. He described struggles that he has overcome, mirroring circumstances that many of our students find themselves in on a daily basis. He gave many students hope by showing them that their past does not have to be their future. His care and concern for this age group was evident throughout his presentation, especially as he talked of the consequences of BULLYING. BATMAN definitely left an impression on the staff and students of HMS. Middle school and high school everywhere should give him the opportunity to share his story….We Truly Thank You For Coming And speaking with us.
Tricia Wolford Educator
Briana Imes, Middle School Student￾ When you came to Rock hill middle school I was getting bullied online. After you left I went and told one of my teachers about it and got it all taken care of. Without you i don't think I would have been able to go tell and would probably still be getting attacked online. I'm now being homeschooled bc of some issues, but I plan on going back to school. You truly are one of my heroes you helped save my life and I thank you for that. Your awesome
Middle School Student
I appreciate you guys coming out to our home in Poca to wish my little boy, Shawn, a Happy Birthday!!! He was so excited and felt so special!! Your message and what you guys are doing are amazing and the whole family loved it!! Keep doing what you are doing!! We need more positive people like you in our lives!!
Rebecca Miller
What a great message for young and old! Gettysburg enjoyed having you and listening to your message! What an inspiration!
Kevin Neiderer
Jase had a FANTASTIC birthday party, largely due to his hero, Batman, showing up! Great message for young and old alike. Batman...dude, YOU ROCK!!! We need more like YOU in this world!
Robin Lea Maynard-Spaulding
Batman came and gave a wonderful message to the kids and adults at our church's Family Fall Fest! I highly recommend! (The Batmobile is pretty awesome too.)
Amanda Smith Ramey
So awesome! Batman is amazing but his message is even better.
Amanda Cutright
I wish I could give more than 5 stars! Saw batman at SC Comicon in Greenville today and he was so awesome! He not only stopped to say hi to my daughter but pushed her around in her wheelchair... twice! It completely made her day!!! Thank you Batman!!!!
Brea Williams
I have to brag on the visit and impact Batman had on my son, for his 5th Birthday. I know he loved Batman coming to the party and hearing his message. But with his short attention span, I thought that was the end of the visit. I was wrong, the impact on what was said to him, lasted longer. We were in the car and he was working on getting his backpack strap fixed while on the way to preschool. I told him to just don't worry about it, we are almost to school. He then said very confidently: "Batman told me, never to give up!". It was then I realized how much of an impact your organization had on my son, even something as little as what he was working on. He carries that idea and philosophy he heard that day, into other things in life now. I've tried to teach him many things in the past, but I guess it took a real superhero to make it sink in. I can't thank you enough for delivering that message and inspiration to my son.
Jamie Marble
Thanks for the great time last Sunday morning. God used you guys in such an awesome way! You are truly being used of God to help not only children but adults as well. May God Bless you all as you continue to do His work. Hope to see you soon, Pastor Brian Pope
Brian Pope

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